The Dart It Browser Button

Dart it Drag this button to your browser's Bookmarks Bar

This is the Dart it bookmarklet. The bookmarklet allows you to dart your favorite things from the websites you visit every day without leaving them. To install the bookmarklet, simple drag the Dart it button to your personal toolbar. To use it on the page you are viewing, just click the bookmarklet on your toolbar.

Steps :

  1. Drag the "Dart It button to your browser's Bookmarks Toolbar (Firefox, Chrome, IE)
  2. While perusing the web, click the "Dart It" button and get the clicking!

The Dart it Button for Websites & Blogs

The "Dart It" button allows you to place a snippet of code on your websites blog post, product pages, home page or anywhere else you see fit. Visitors to your website can easily click the button to share your stuff on their board. After installing the button on your site, sit back and enjoy the clicks as they start rolling-in via Dartitup. Win/Win situation right?

Enter your domain. (ex.

Dart It
Dart It

Add this code to your site.