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Put me in the game coach!!! by Ty Webb

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  • Hook'em!!!
  • Dustin Hopson - "Using only your fingers, show me how many more losses Texas will have now that West Virginia and TCU are in the conference." "That's right....two." " me how many losses UT will have to the Oklahoma schools." "Yes....two, but only because you can only play them each one time." " me how many good movies Matthew McConaughey had." "Oh....I see you really LOVED Magic Mike." Boomer!
  • Ty Webb - Dyson the official sponsor of OU... Guaranteed to never quit sucking!!!!!
  • Dustin Hopson - If sucking means seven national championships and owning the Big XII to the point that Deloss Dodds wants to take his oxygen tank and bolt from the conference, then yeah....OU sucks.
  • Ty Webb - How many national championships does OU have in the last 25 years??? Hmmmm... Last I counted it was one, but you guys are soooo much better than UT. Pipe down land thief.
  • Ty Webb - PS. 59-42-2 that's the record by which Texas leads the all time series against OU
  • Ty Webb - PPS. I love the trash talk, it gets me PUMPED for the season, you got me sitting at my desk staring at my ticket for Saturdays game, going hurry up Saturday... dammit get here already
  • Dustin Hopson - Why do Texas people do this "in the last x number of years" thing? It's VERY convenient to stop at 25 years....since we won in 1986. A&M fans do this too. I assure you that Alabama, Notre Dame, Florida, USC, and every other team count EVERY championship post WWII. So let's do that. And that number is 7. Or let's do Conference titles....43. Head to head is fine, but mean little. OU has a losing record against TCU. Nobody is mistaking TCU for the better program. Michigan lost to Appalachian State....pretty sure Michigan wins that debate every time. Same here. Moreover, you can't count 103 years of head to head, and only 25 years of Championships. If you want to look only at 25 years, the teams are 12-12-1, with one national title each. So what's the tie-breaker? Conference titles? My point is that at BEST....BEST case scenario....Texas gets a PUSH with OU....the program ESPN called the greatest of all time two years ago.
  • Ty Webb - The bottom line is they are both good programs. The head to heads matter because it's a "rivalry." The games that matter in a rivalry are the games played against one another. I don't care what you did against TCU. I care what you did against us. To answer your question, "Texas People" "do that" because who gives a crap about games played more that a quarter century ago, that don't pertain to the rivalry, other than the people who attended and played in them. Any way you slice it there's always an argument for wither side, like I could say,"Texas is the 2nd winnest college football program of all time," sporting almost 50 more wins than OU. The point is it's not relevant to the head to head rivalry. Let's not forget I didn't provoke this conversation. This argument will continue on long after were gone. There's a reason why it was voted the best rivalry in college football.

Put me in the game coach!!! by Ty Webb

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  • I want a pair of these... HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS!!!

Put me in the game coach!!! by Ty Webb

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  • LakeSHOW!!!