Automobiles and Insurance. This graphic depicts types of coverages, cost of coverage per state or region, Top 5 Lies Insurers hear to get claims covered, how the increase in car manufactures has lead to a change in the top manufacturers, increase in registered car owners and the increase in gas prices. What this graphic doesn't say is that there is a correlation with the increase in cars and the cost to own and operate.

My First Board by Sandra Jenkins

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Dustin Hopson - One person has already been banned and their content removed for posting nothing but infographics. Be forewarned.
Sandra Jenkins - What do i need to do to avoid being banned and what other information needs to added?
Sandra Jenkins - Added so context to the description in hopes that this will help and keep this graphic alive.
Dustin Hopson - I would simply suggest not posting tons and tons and tons of infographics, or not posting infographics and nothing else.
Sandra Jenkins - Ok, thanks and will avoid posting only infographics in the future.



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