Kobe beef. Not politically correct, hideously expensive, but beef doesn't get to taste any better.

Chowtime by Robin Johnston

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Brandon Harris - I've been craving a kobe burger for the last 3 months. Almost have enough saved up to buy one.
Dustin Hopson - There is no such thing as Kobe beef in America. It may be "called" Kobe beef. But it's not. Kobe beef is illegal in America. It's a huge myth that simply costs you $$$$$ at the restaurants.
Robin Johnston - @Dustin. Doesn't surprise me. I had it in Tokyo. Pate de Campagne is to Foie Gras as Filet Mignon is to Kobe Beef. Most astonishing thing I've ever tasted.



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Chowtime by Robin Johnston

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Chowtime by Robin Johnston

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  • Lime slice jello shots - love this idea.